Consultation- The First Step In Any Dental Treatment

Patients are sometimes frustrated by the fact that most dental treatments - and particularly more serious ones - are always prefaced by a consultation session. These sessions are not intended to make the dentist more money or to waste the time of the patient; they are an absolutely necessary, indispensable part of the treatment process, and vital to both patient and the dentist performing the procedure. Here is why.

Good for the dentist

Each body, and each mouth, just as each person is different; sometimes these differences can be miniscule, other times they are quite stark. In order to know what the problem is and to get an idea of how best to treat it, the dentist needs to see the patient’s mouth first. The dentist also has to acquire the patient’s medical information, in case of any possible side effects due to medication, allergies, and to get to know the patient from a professional point of view. For certain procedures, like root canal treatments or dental implants, consultations are indispensable because x-rays and sometimes CT scans need to be taken of the patient before starting treatment. Getting to know the patient personally is also important, as how a person feels about dental work, what their preferences are, how they feel in the chair can mean the difference between the success and failure of a given dental treatment.

Good for the patient

Consultation sessions are also good for the patient. Before starting a procedure, particularly one that may involve numerous visits to a given dentistry, it is reassuring to get to know the dentist first. A treatment plan is usually set up after an initial consultation, in which all of the procedures that the dentist deems necessary are listed and itemized, and this is a very useful tool in maintaining good oral hygiene. The price of each procedure is also listed, so there are no surprise costs or hidden fees, either.

Whether directly followed by treatment or as a standalone short talk with your dentist, consultation sessions are needed to give both the dentist and the patient ample time to get ready and prepare for the task ahead, which is a bright and beautiful smile, together with healthy dentition!  


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