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We have been providing high quality dental care at affordable prices at our present location for over 8 years. Our clinic is located in Central London, near the British Museum, 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road, nearest to Holborn Station. At our clinic we strive to give our patients the utmost attention possible, and to give them the best service available.

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Our clinic can now guarantee the utmost in oral care for a wider array of patients. 

Right next to the clinic is the laboratory of our dental technician Alfonso Addari, who is our personal technician, and who complements our work a great deal as well. Due to the good relationship between our dentists and Dr Addari, and the good direct line of communication between the dentist and the technician, we can guarantee a fast and precise work schedule, which results in less waiting time and higher quality service for you. You can learn more about our technician here.

At Forest and Ray, we pride ourselves on having the latest in dental technology at our dental clinic, using the newest innovations in implantology, and the latest in crowns, bridges, and veneers. That is why we can guarantee with confidence that we work in a safe, comfortable, and up to date environment, which in turn is a guarantee towards you, our patients, that you will have the smile you always dreamed of!

The equipment we use:

Sterilizer:Excell Enigma

Our dentists use the Excell Enigma autoclave to sterilize their instruments everyday.





Our dental clinic uses the Trophybrand x-ray machines for the OPg or panoramic x-rays, and an X-mind for the local, single tooth x-rays. Both of these machines provide very important assistance in setting up treatment plans, and in assessing people’s condition.




Maintenance and hygiene protocolCare Quality Comission

Our dental practice maintains changes and sterilises all dental appliances as the UK - CQC (Care Quality Commission) requires.
Our CQC reg. number is : DA9394_3

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