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General dentistry

General or conservative dentistry is an umbrella term used to identify all dental procedures that seek to keep the teeth and mouth healthy or bring it back to health. From a routine oral examination to fillings, root canal treatments and crowns, any dental intervention that occurs with the aim of reconstructing or preserving the teeth belong in this category. Italian Dentist in London offers full scale of high quality dental treatments at a reasonable price.

General dentistry

Dental hygiene session

The most fundamental procedure of general dentistry is a hygiene session. The dentist will remove all plaque and tartar form the tooth surfaces, and will clean the gums and the tongue as well. During this time, the dentist will have a chance to check your teeth and make sure that everything is alright. Hygiene sessions are an indispensable part of basic oral care, and should be done every six months or so.

Dental fillings

A filling is a general dental procedure during which a piece of material is used to fill a cavity in a tooth. The cavity is first cleaned out and then the tooth enamel is replaced with composite white fillings. These fillings are tooth coloured and have no mercury in them, and are the ideal tooth replacement material.

Root canal treatments

Root canal treatments are restorative dental procedures that require multiple visits. If a cavity gets deep enough, then the inside of the tooth material becomes affected. In these cases, the inside must be removed, and a medicated filling is used to kill the bacteria. The patient has to come back to remove the filling and receive the final root filling. Although root canal treatments do kill the tooth in question, they restore it to health and with proper care, they can still fullfil their function for decades.


Any procedures that seek to heal the supporting structures of the teeth like the gums or the alveolus are lumped together under periodontology. Oral surgery, screenings, scalings, shots and gum grafts all fall under this category. Periodontal health is extremely important in maintaining your teeth, and is often over looked by patients.

Tooth extractions

The aim of conservative dentistry is to maintain the health of the teeth for as long as possible. There are some cases though, that do require the extraction of a tooth in order to keep the rest of the teeth and mouth heathy. In these cases, our dentists use the utmost care and precision, and the procedure is entirely painless. It is vitally important to understand and keep the aftercare instructions to avoid further complications.

Oral surgery

Certain tooth extractions, removal of cysts or other anomalies may require surgical intervention. These are usually minimally invasive surgeries that happen under local anaesthesia, but they may require you to take a day or two off. Make sure you consult with your dentist and understand the procedure that is going to happen, and keep the aftercare instructions to avoid complications.

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