Oral surgery

Oral surgery encompasses a number of dental procedures performed under surgical conditions with the use of local anaesthetic. Most of these procedures are only required in clinical cases, to cure a number of pathological problems, granuloma, tooth loss, periodontitis, or cyst removal, but even the removal of a wisdom tooth might require oral surgery. If the situation requires it, or under special request from the patient, we have the option of performing the surgery with the aid of sleeping gas as well.
A more complicated tooth extraction, the removal of a cyst, any sort of periodontological surgery, and even inserting an implant all fall under the heading of oral surgery, and bone grafts, gum grafts, and sinus lifts are also facets of oral surgery.

Oral surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction: 

- Wisdom teeth, when extracted surgically, are usually done under local anaesthetic. Wisdom teeth can cause a number of dental problems - they often grow in the wrong direction, they can be lodged sidewise, grow towards existing teeth, they can remain embedded under the gum and never erupt, they can lead to the formation of cysts, cause periodontitis, tooth decay, and can become infected. If any of these situations may arise, the professional opinion of an oral surgeon is needed so that they may assess the situation and give a proper diagnosis and then, if need be, to extract the wisdom tooth.

Bone grafts 

- The aim of this procedure is to augment the bone, and embiggen the bone density in the jawbone, so as to make it suitable for the housing of a dental implant. This procedure is also done under local anaesthetic, only in very rare cases do they use general anaesthesia. The procedure usually take about an hour, but the patient needs about 3-4 days to be able to return to normal life, and the complete healing time is 3-6 months.

Sinus Lift

-  Sinus lifts are also considered to be a part of oral surgery. It is the procedure in which the sinus cavity is made smaller so that a bone graft may take place on the upper jaw, so that it may house an implant. If the sinus cavity is too big then the implant may go through the jaw bone and stick out into the actual sinus cavity, which would be a terrible situation indeed. The patient can return to life as normal n roughly two days, while the complete healing time is between 3 and 6 months. Patients are advised to not load the tooth during that time.

You can check each of these procedures out in greater detail here on our website, under the heading of the same name. Due in great deal to the expertise of our dentists, and in part to the superb equipment in our dental practice, we are able to secure most any oral surgery.

For information about British Association of Oral Surgeons in UK click here


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