Who Is The Best Dental Implant Manufacturer?

There are many different kinds of dental implants on the market, and they are made by many different brands. It is hard to understand what the difference between two brands of dental implant are, and the descriptions websites and dental implant manufacturers give do not make things any easier for the layman at all. While people understand the difference between different kinds of dental implants (they are meant to replace different teeth, and vary in shape and size according to the gap they need to fill), things like what special surface treatment the dental implant has, who made the implant are not entirely clear. In this article, we wish to talk about our preference, and why we use the dental implants we use.

Nobel Implants

What’s the difference?

All dental implants are registered as medical devices, and are thus tested rigorously by an expert team of unaffiliated scientists before being tested rigorously by health administrations and quality control groups in a given country where they are supposed to be put on the market. This means that all dental implants are of the highest quality. The difference lies in two aspects: the signature special bonus features that a given implant manufacturer has, and the guarantees that are given.

Special features of dental implants

Dental implant manufacturers scramble to copyright a given feature of a dental implant, the most obvious being surface treatments. Titanium dental implants not only remain in the jawbone, they are biocompatible, which means the jawbone grows around, in and through the object, incorporating it into the bone itself. Surfaces make this easier, as they can be porous, etched or otherwise made so that they can make osseointegration easier. The abutments make it so that the crown does not move, and this is also a site of a lot of innovation. There are also dental implants that can be placed easier or immediately as well.


Dental implants come with manufacturer’s guarantees, meaning if the dental implant fails (as things mass produced in a factory sometimes do), they will replace the product. This can include many different kinds of failure, like the materials giving out or the size not being right, and can extend to different periods of time.

Nobel house

We use Nobel Biocare dental implants for a number of reasons. First of all, it is the most reliable and most ubiquitous dental implant manufacturer in the world. They also provide great guarantees and have excellent products, making them the most logical choice for us. 

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