Same-day teeth (All-on-4)

What problem does it solve? All-on-4 refers to the concept of four implant supporting a whole arch of tooth. If you have lost the majority of your teeth "All-on-4"can be a great solution for you as your denture will be supported by four implants rather than kept in place by suction or an adhesive. As the implantation and the temporary overdenture is done on the same day, our " All-on-4 - Same day teeth" treatment can give you back the ability to smile with confidence and chew like you would with your natural teeth within just one day.
Recommended additional treatment(s): General and surgical consultation
In complex cases: CT
Expected treatment time or appointment: After the consultation the treatment (implant placement and temporary denture fitting) requires two appointments (morning and afternoon) the same day
Treatment costs:

Consultation in London - (£ 45)

Same day teeth implant (One arch) - ( from £ 12 000)

Same day teeth implant (Dual arch) - (from £ 21 000)

Are you missing all your teeth and looking for a way to change your dentures to something permanent and aesthetic? Ask about ‘All-on-4’! The term refers to ‘all’ teeth being supported ‘on four’ dental implants.  As a result, just 4 implants can replace all teeth in your upper or lower jaw even in a day! 


  • Predictable and efficient technique 
  • Full-arch restoration
  • Shorter installation times than other implants
  • Prevention of further bone loss
  • Feels like natural teeth

Dental implantation process with All-on-4/ Same-day teeth 

The first step is a thorough consultation, where the implantologist explains the procedure, examines your teeth, makes x-ray, and refers you to a CT scan.  We carefully assess all the information. If you are eligible for the treatment and happy with our proposal, we can book you for the implant placement

On the day of the surgery all 4 implants are inserted in the morning. The procedure is easy and painless (implants are inserted under local anaesthetic) and safe for your health. Our technician will work hard to get your teeth done and within a few hours, you will leave with your brand new smile.

The ultimate healing time, when the implants incorporate into your jawbone, is around 3 months. During this time you will see us a couple of times to monitor your progress.

After the healing time, we will prepare your permanent teeth within few short appointments to make you smile happily every day. 

Same day teeth

All-on-4/Same day teeth appointment


Surgical appointment: Implant placement under local anaesthesia.


Our technicians prepare the visible part of your new teeth.


Fitting: the visible part of your new teeth will be fitted. As our Teeth in a Day treatment allows you to speak and smile without worrying of a sliding denture, giving an immense and immediate boost to your confidence within just one day.

Benefits of All-on-4/Same day teeth 

The procedure is quick and easy, as all 4 dental implants are inserted at the same appointment, in just one procedure. The procedure itself is painless, as it happens under local anaesthetic. This method allows for a stable tooth replacement, and allows for easy access and cleaning, due to the little space that is left between the teeth and the gums. The main advantage of this concept is the confidence it gives you at Forest & Ray, you can be sure it is fixed and it fits perfectly, as it is individually tailored to you. 

Am I an All-on-4/Same day teeth Candidate? 

We recommend the Same day teeth to anyone who:

  • has lost an entire arch of teeth
  • doesn’t want to deal with having to adhere and re-adhere dentures every single day
  • wants to have a long term, secure solution to tooth loss


Per day: £5,8

Change your life once and for all with our top quality dental implants ‐ from the price of £5,8 per day only and no interest to pay.*

The offer is valid until withdrawal.

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