Dental Implants Changed My Life!

I am Mark and I am a 40 something who was rescued from a big problem. I used to suffer from dental problems and missing teeth, which started to negatively impact my life. All this is in the past, as I now have my teeth, smile and confidence back thanks to dental implants. Let me tell you my story to help you decide if dental implants are right for you.

dental implants
Dental Implants Changed My Life!

The problems

My teeth were always healthy and I did not think too much about them. Aside from a couple of fillings in my early teens, and a root canal when I was 26, I never had any work done. I never had braces, and never had my teeth whitened, although I did get them professionally cleaned from time to time (like once every three years or so). The problems did not start showing up until my early 30s. Then I noticed that my teeth were becoming discoloured, which led me to become self-conscious about my smile, and also led me to give up smoking (which was for the better, really). The tooth that I had root canaled started to act up, and I had to get it extracted, which led to the tooth next to it to become loose, and for my gum line to start to pull up, making the adjacent teeth look long and unsightly. Eventually they fell out too, so I had three teeth missing on my top arch, my left canine and to the back all the way to the molars. This made chewing difficult, so I chewed on one side only, which led to jaw pains and to cavities on my left side, leading to getting a molar pulled as well. This made my cheeks look sunken, and at 34, I was starting to look like I was in my mid-40s. I finally decided to do something about it at the age of 36.


My treatment

As a result of my appearance, I was starting to get depressed, and starting to drink more. I would socialize less, and after breaking up with my girlfriend, I spent a lot of time alone, as I was just not confident enough to try and date yet. I only met with my closest childhood friends and would not meet new people at all.

I started my treatment at 36 and the first thing my doctor did was give a thorough hygiene treatment. After this the first two dental implants went in to the upper arch. After 3 months, the crowns went on to the dental implants and my three upper missing teeth were fixed, I felt like I had been given my life back. I started to go out again, and had the confidence to smile, to laugh out loud, and to eat whatever I wanted. I felt like myself again and soon started dating my wife to be, Cassandra. I did need a few years to collect enough money to start treatment on my lower molar as well, and by this time enough time passed that I needed to get a bone graft. After 6 months I had this tooth back as well, and am now not experiencing jaw pain, and am experiencing a new life with a new smile. Thanks to dental implants I can now eat and smile with confidence. I never imagined that the difference would be this stark, and I can only recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it, after all, health is the best investment!   


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