The Hidden Effects Of Missing Teeth

When talking about dental implants, it seems obvious to mention the ill effects of missing teeth, and because of this, they are becoming quite well known to the adult populace. Teeth are housed in bone that is called the alveolar ridge. Alveolus means sack, so the term alveolar means sack like, and that is precisely what they are: bones with a place in them that house teeth, like little open sacks full of the teeth you so cherish.

missing teeth
The Hidden Effects Of Missing Teeth

The problem is that when the sack is empty, it closes up; if there is no stimulation, and then the alveolar ridge starts to disintegrate and be reabsorbed into the body. This causes further tooth loss, which impedes chewing function as we all know, but there are other, more aesthetic consequences of tooth loss as well. Read on to find out more on tooth loss and dental implants!

Sunken face

The cheeks start to sink inwards when there are no teeth to support them. This makes the person look older and more morose, and is considered unattractive. These kind of cheeks emphasize the shape of the skull, which looks gaunt and morbid to most people. Getting dental implants will restore your youthful look and stop your cheeks from sagging inwards.

Sagging lips

There is a myth that people who frown a lot will get lines on their face that make them look like they are frowning, and that people who smile a lot will have the opposite happen. This is a myth as most people neither frown nor smile very often, but usually have their rest face on. The cause of these lines that look like a perma-frown is none other than missing teeth; the lack of teeth means the facial muscles do not have any support and thus start to sag around the corners of the lips. This is just one more reason to think about getting dental implants.

Bite collapse

When some or all of the back teeth or molars are missing, a condition known as bite collapse occurs. This is when the back teeth are gone, the alveolar ridge disintegrates, and as it does, it pushes the teeth forward, leading to crowding in the front and nothing in the back but a thin ridge of bone. Aside from looking bad, this also causes teeth to shift and causes crowding which is an orthodontic condition, and is unhealthy. These teeth are more likely to be mobile, and to decay and be damaged.

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