Tooth Whitening Costs

Tooth whitening is super effective at removing stains from teeth

When deciding to get cosmetic dental treatments, the most obvious thing everyone checks is price. These procedures, although having health benefits, are not necessary to maintain oral health, and thus people only get them if they can afford them, which is totally natural and to be understood. But then many people become discouraged, because they see a price range instead of a simple and easy to understand single price that can be calculated with. Why is there a price range? How does that make any sense? And where will the reader fall on this price range? Read on to find out more.

Chair time

The most crucial aspect of setting the price of a hygiene session or a tooth whitening session is chair time. Although the amount of materials used are also a factor, the difference in price comes from chair time how long you spend in the actual chair. If your teeth have been recently whitened, you will need a shorter appointment, but if your teeth are heavily stained, it might take more time for the carbamides- the active ingredients in the tooth whitening gel- to work and remove the staining factors and tannins.

Tooth tray from a whitening kit

At home or chairside?

Chairside whitening is usually considerably more expensive than at home kits. Why is that? When you use chairside tooth whitening in a dental practice, you have to pay for the dentist’s time, which is going to cost some, and you will also have to pay for the materials and everything else all at once. What you are saving is actually the most precious commodity of all: time. Chairside whitening sessions save time and are done in a single go, and thus cost considerably more than at home kits. They also tend to be more effective, as they are being administered by a professional, and the gel will have a higher concentration of active ingredients than the at home tooth whitening kits, that are handed out to patients.
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