What To Eat With Braces

When first getting braces, you may be amazed at all of the foods that will get in your do not eat list. Some of your favourites may be on there, and going without them may seem difficult, but it is not impossible, even if you have to change your diet a little bit for the time you are wearing braces. Please remember that this list is not recommend3ed, it is mandatory; eating foods that get stuck in or damage your braces will annul your treatment, and can even damage your teeth. Your dentist should give you a list of all of the foods and drinks that are no go, and we wish to list 5 categories of food and drink that are off limits.

1) Sticky foods

No matter the substance that is making the food sticky, if it is gooey, stretchy or sticks to the palate, it is off limits. The reason is manifold; sticky substances get everywhere, and stick to surfaces that are difficult to clean, and are thus unhygienic, sticky foods can also dislodge brackets, as the braces can get stuck to something else. Most sticky foods are also sugary or starchy, which is extra bad for teeth.

2) Sugar

Sugar, especially sugary soft drinks like tonics and cola is absolutely off limits. The reason is because your teeth are now harder to clean, so bacteria are harder to remove, and the teeth are less able to protect themselves against bacteria. This means that the amount of sugar you eat must be minimised, otherwise you will experience tooth decay, and possibly demineralization of teeth.

3) Hard foods

Raw vegetables and other hard foods, while very good for you, and probably quite healthy are off limits for structural reasons. Very fibrous food will get caught in your braces and can damage your device and your teeth, and hard foods like raw veggies and other such foods can dislodge your brackets and bend the archwire, too.

4) Hot Or Cold

During orthodontic treatment, especially during the beginning of it, it is not uncommon to have sensitivity of the teeth. This means that during the treatment your teeth will react more strongly to hot or cold, so try to avoid extreme temperatures, or you may experience pain. Hot or cold shouldn’t damage your teeth or braces though, but it may not feel as comfortable as it did previously.

5) Tough foods

Foods that are tough and chewy can dislodge braces, so make sure you cut up steaks and other tough foods. When you try to bite down very hard, you may also experience pain as the braces may dig into your gums, or the nerve may react.

Bonus: Small foods

Grains, seeds, popcorn and anything else that is small enough to lodge into your braces are absolutely off limits and should be avoided, and if it is hard enough to actually push the wires or brackets of your device than it should be shunned until after your treatment is done.  


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