Toothache And Inflammation

“My top right 2 teeth got inflamed about a week ago. My dentist advised not to touch it until the inflammation goes down a little bit, and he then prescribed antibiotics (Dalacin). I started taking them, but nothing has changed. It still hurts constantly,sometimes more, sometimes less, but  have to take an average of 2 aspirins a day to deal with it. I have an appointment tomorrow, and I was wondering; if the tooth is still inflamed, will this not cause excruciating pain? Are there any painkillers that work on an inflamed tooth? Does it hurt more at all to roto canal an inflamed tooth? I have read various opinions on forums, some talked of relief, sme mentioned unbearable agony. Which is the truth?”


I imagine your questions are no longer relevant to you, as you will have already been to the root canal treatment, and I hope that everything went well. It is difficult to anaesthetise an inflamed tooth, but giving more than one injection usually works. Antibiotics do fight bacteria, and I hope that in conjunction with your root canal treatment, you feel relief now, as the infection is fought form the bone marrow outwards by the antibiotics, and the root canal treatment opens up the other side of the tooth.

If you are experiencing great pain, diclofenac based drugs can be prescribed, lie Cataflam or Flector, but these drugs require a prescription. But, if your dentist was able to clean out the tooth and give it a medicated root filling on Monday, hopefully you will not need these stronger painkillers at all.

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