Tooth Replacements- Bridge Or Dental Implant? (part2)

Titanium- A Unique Metal

A Swedish professor Dr Branemark discovered some 50 years ago that titanium based metal alloys do not get rejected by the human body; on the contrary they trigger what is called osseointegration, meaning the bone grows on to the surface of the dental implant.

Since then the material has had a great career in the medical industry to is used to hold broken bones together, and of course for dental implants.

Time has proven that titanium is safe for humans and is completely hypoallergenic this is why titanium dental implant have a 96% rate of success.


Before Getting A Dental Implant

After the physical examination, you will be subjected to a hygiene session as the removal of plaque tartar and biofilm is necessary to ensure a safe and successful implantation.

Afterwards an x-ray will be needed and sometimes a 3D CT scan is also necessary to determine the condition of the jawbone. CT scans can show much more than a dental x-ray, and the picture can be laterally cut into slices. Before starting the procedure the patients are given an opportunity to learn absolutely anything and everything they need to know about what the procedure will entail. Any questions should be welcomed by your dental implantologist. Including the opportunities and potential risks as well.

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