The Causes and Treatment Of Bleeding Gums

“My gums bleed when I brush, what causes this, and how do I treat this issue?”

bleeding-gumsBleeding gums are usually caused by infections in the periodontium. Most people do not notice that they have an infection in their gum line, as the early stages do not involve pain, and the gums looking a bit different is not such a big deal, anyway. Usually patients go and seek medical help once their gums start to bleed, as this symptom is pretty hard to ignore, discoloured gums and foul breath usually go unnoticed.

But bleeding gums are a scary symptom, and people tend to become frightened: “oh my God, am I brushing correctly? I must have brushed too hard and hurt my gums! I am going to go out and buy a softer toothbrush!”

But this can be the start of a vicious cycle; softer toothbrushes and laxer tooth brushing leads to infection getting worse, and so on.

The answer is of course not less, but more vigorous tooth brushing! Do not become afraid to brush your teeth, periodontitis is usually caused by sediment and plaque falling into the gum line and being impacted near the neck of the teeth. Plaque is teeming with bacteria, and when that becomes compacted into the gums, and then you brush your teeth, your gums may bleed. If you remove plaque meticulously (that means using interdental toothbrushes and floss as well), your condition will probably stop. Of course this is not as good as getting your teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist twice a year, and we recommend going to your dentist for a check-up and a hygiene session every six months. The treatment will get rid of your bleeding, and will set the stage for you not to bleed later on when you use at home oral care.

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