Preparing For Your Wedding

If you are planning your wedding, you are probably up to your eyeballs in things to do for the big day; what to buy, reservations, the Church ceremony, seating, what will be served, what will be drunk, who to invite and who not to invite, what kind of flowers, the location, and the list goes on and on! But the most important part of a wedding is you. Are you ready for your big day? Does your smile show that you are ready for your wedding? Do not forget that your best smile will be needed, and you will want everyone to remember your most beautiful and radiant smile, and the pictures you will be looking at, hopefully for the rest of your life, will also reflect your smile, so make it perfect!


Getting them fixed

To know how much time these procedures take depends on what needs to be done. Take a good look at your teeth in the mirror and answer the following questions: are there any cavities? Are there any missing teeth? Are you satisfied with the colour, size, and shape of your teeth? What bothers you most about your smile? And of course; how much time do you have before your wedding day?


If you have cavities or missing teeth, you may need half a year before your smile can show its best side. Getting tooth replacements like dental implants requires around 3 months, while the crowns that go on them are another few weeks. Root canal treatments are usually done in around a week and crowns are usually also done in 2 weeks, so when everything adds up, around six months is the maximum amount of time you may need.
If you do not like the colour of your teeth, a simple whitening session can make your smile up to 5 shades brighter. If the size or shape of your teeth is what bothers you, you may need to get veneers. Veneers take around a week to make, and are ceramic covers that you place over your teeth. These are like the outer layer of crowns that are adhered to the tooth surfaces, covering your teeth entirely. These take around 2 weeks to make, and require at least 2 visits to the dentist, but are usually done in around 3 weeks.
Below is a helpful chart that tells you how long each procedure takes so that you can incorporate your dental health into your wedding plan easily. We hope it helps, and congratulations on your big day! 





hygiene session

1-2 visits

from 43 GBP

chairside whitening session

1 visits

from 367 GBP

whitening home kit

5-6 weeks; 8 hours/day

177 GBP


1 visit

From 87 GBP

Root canal treatment

Up to 3 visits

From 347 GBP


Around 2 weeks

Around 347 GBP/tooth


Around 2 weeks

Must consult with dentist

Dental implant

Around 3-4 months

Must consult with dentist

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