Home Remedies For Lesions In The Mouth

Lesions in the mouth can be caused by numerous things, but all of them are quite serious. They can be caused by a simple allergy, usually to medication, or they can be the side effect of AIDS, cancer, ulcerative colitis, lupus, stomatitis and a number of other diseases. NO matter what is causing them, you must first see a dentist, and then possibly another specialist to cure the problem. But in the meantime, there are some home remedies that can offer relief.


Finding out the cause of lesions in the mounth

In order to treat the symptoms, you must know what is causing the problem. This may take some time, as a careful analysis of the sores, their location and possibly even a biopsy is needed to ensure that the right diagnosis is set up. The at home remedies for lesions lesions in the mounth mentioned in this article are meant to treat the lesions even before they are diagnosed.


The itching and burning sensation, or possibly pain that these lesions cause will be minimized if you put some ice on your tongue, or apply ice to the tiny wounds. Freezing them will also cause the bacteria to stop proliferating, if bacteria are indeed the cause.


Rinsing your mouth out with cold water, possibly salty water will do a lot to alleviate the pain you are feeling, and will clean the lesions in the mounth, making them less sensitive. If the salt hurts a lot, it is a good idea not to apply it to the water, so first just take a small sip in your mouth to see if it feels good.

Numbing agents

Certain numbing agents, like clove oil, for example, are absolutely universally good. Apply to the wound and feel the numbing sensation.

Plain foods

Sometimes the lesions in the mounth can be caused by allergy to foods or medications. Stop taking the medications you are taking that may have this as a side effect, and see if you feel better, and eat only non-allergenic foods for a bit, to see if this helps your situation. If it does, it is still a far cry from a diagnosis and you should still see a nutritionist or a physician to set up an allergy test.
No matter what the cause of your oral lesions, the dentist can help, and even if they cannot, they can definitely point you in the direction of the doctor that can. It is vitally important to get a proper diagnosis, as only then can the cause of the lesions be treated, and relief attained.        
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