At home dental care is a part of our everyday routines, but we often do not know what to do with dental problems that may arise regardless of our most valiant efforts.

What kind of toothpaste should we buy?

Most toothpastes wish to stop bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface. But some toothpastes aim at reversing discolorations, and still others have ingredients that aim to fight heightened tooth sensitivity.

- Toothpastes with high levels of fluoride play a role in stopping tooth decay, because they stop plaque from forming. It may be important to know that high doses of such toothpastes can be toxic, so they should be kept locked away from children.

- There are toothpastes with granules or other rough little bits in them, these are supposed to remove stains effectively. While these granules do whiten, they should be used with caution, as they can damage your enamel if used too hard.

- Toothpastes that reduce tooth sensitivity usually affect the tooth sockets, but they only reduce sensitivity if use them everyday, and at least twice a day. You will only notice a reduction in sensitivity after a few weeks.  


Are acidic foods bad for your teeth?

One of the most common diseases in the world is tooth decay, which occurs when the bacteria in the mouth start to eat the carbohydrates found in plaque, which produces acids as a by product. The bacteria then multiply and disperse form the plaque, creating new plaque, and the cycle starts all over again as long as there are crabs to eat. The more food you eat that enables the bacteria to produce acid, the more dramatic the extent of the tooth decay will be. The more time a food high in carbohydrates spends in the mouth, the worse the effects will be. It is best to exercise caution, however, as when acidic foods get into the mouth and they break down the enamel, brushing your teeth can damage the enamel, it is best to simply rinse your mouth out after eating acidic foods instead of brushing.

Can Tooth decay be prevented?

You can balance the pH inside your mouth, and this will in fact prevent the formation of caries. Make sure your mouth is plenty lubricated, as saliva with a proper pH is still the number one way to stop bacteria from living inside your mouth, which will stop the formation of plaque. Use plenty of fluoride, as this mineral strengthens tooth enamel, and also stops bacteria from breeding. BUt the best thing you can do is to brush and floss regularly.


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