Bonjela, The Miracle Cure

What is Bonjela?

Bonjela is a gel used for the treatment of mouth ulcers and denture sores. It is an antiseptic, keratolytic gel, with its main ingredients being salt choline, salicylic acid and cetalkonium chloride. There are many different kinds of Bonjela available, they make a special brand of teething gel, and also have some that have added active ingredients, for example lidocaine. All of the different kinds of Bonjela are used orally, and are meant to relieve pain and the causes of pain in the mouth. Bonjela is NOT an antibiotic, but it is highly antiseptic.

How does it work?

It reduces the swelling and inflammation caused by infections and ulcers in the mouth, and soothes the periodontal tissues. It also has antiseptic properties, which is very handy in curing infections, and has high concentrations of saline, which is a known cure for infections, and is used to preserve meat, after all.


Keratolytic Properties

A little know word among consumers is the term ‘keratolytic’. This term refers to a treatment of the skin or external layers of flesh, and is usually used in conjunction with the removal of warts. Keratolytic treatments thin the skin, and cause the outer layer of cells to shed, usually through the use of some form of acid or acidic product. Bonjela is used in keratolytic therapy, and can be said to be a keratolytic product, especially because it has a high concentration of salicylic acid.

What uses does it have?

If you are experiencing swelling or discomfort from an infection in your mouth, have a cyst or abscess or any inflamed oral tissue, Bonjela will help you in reducing the symptoms. It may even help cure some infections, if they are not very deep seated, or are very recent, but you should still go to a dentist or oral surgeon to seek professional help as the absence of symptoms does not mean an absence of the cause of the symptoms, and your infection may come back with a vengeance. Bonjela can basically buy you some time, and help you get some sleep. It is also useful in treating post operative discomfort, as it can reduce swelling and inflammation, even if the inflammation is agentless, so not caused by a virus or bacteria or foreign object.

Where can I get some?

You can buy some at your local pharmacy, it is sold over the counter. You can also order some here.

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