5 Tips To Avoid Visiting The Dentist on Your Vacatio


One of the worst possible things to get while on vacation is a tooth ache. It can absolutely ruin everything, curb your fun and send you home feeling disappointed and a whole lot poorer. Usually only emergency dental problems can cause a man or woman to take time off from holiday fun to go to a dentist’s office. You may think that, just because you are taking a rest and are not doing any stressful activity and because you are relaxing that not many things can happen to damage your teeth, but you would be wrong.

There are many instances of holiday goers needing a dentist. Here are five activities that send people to the dentist during the holiday season:

1)  Cracking nuts

Although cracking nuts like pistachios, sunflower seeds and other nuts with your teeth seems like a completely legitimate thing to do, it is one of the leading causes of vacation time dental visits. Eating nuts in general is a leading cause of dental issues during vacation. Dried fruits and other tough, leathery munchies are also frequent culprits.

2)  Using your teeth as a tool

You may be on the beach and too lazy to go and get a proper beer opener, and may try to open a brew with your teeth. There is a method for it, but many times a small miscalculation can end with a broken tooth and painful trips to the dentist. Opening bags of chips and other packaging can also frequently cause the tooth to slip and break or bite into soft tissues, causing an inflammation of the dental nerve, which leads to an emergency appointment. Try not to do these things, because although perfectly possible, these activities can frequently lead to damaging your tooth, and are completely avoidable.

 3)  Ice cubes

Chewing ice cubes is almost irresistible, especially in the extreme heat. The drinks come loaded with them, and after having them you may still be thirsty. The problem is that the sudden drop in temperature (and it is a pretty steep drop) can cause the tooth enamel to crack, resulting in tooth sensitivity and even giving way for infections to take hold of the tooth. A cracked tooth is much more likely to “act up” and cause a pain reaction that must be seen by a dentist.

 4)  Bruxism

Sadly this is a larger problem, but grinding your teeth in your sleep is a leading cause of sudden damage and the extra wear and tear does not do good for your teeth. Try sleeping with a tooth guard in, or try getting help for your bruxism before you go on vacation, to make sure you do not have a breakdown at the worst possible time.

 5)  Snacking

Snacking after you brush your teeth is one of the worst things you can do for your teeth. If you have a slight infection that is under control, but then feed them snacks, and go to sleep, you may wake up with a toothache. Try to make sure that brushing your teeth is the last thing you do at night.       


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