3D Imaging In Implantology

A good visual tool is always a worthy investment; it allows for quick transfer of data, and it makes the job of the person explaining and the person receiving information all the easier. 3D visual graphics are becoming a staple of today’s education, but few people know that 3D imaging sometimes takes weeks or even months of work. Dental implantology is one of those fields in which the micro environment is very important, and the visual representation of the surgical procedures is also of vital importance. We can get to see places that a camera cannot penetrate, isolating the questionable areas and thereby reducing the possibility of error.

3D implant

An obligatory part of any quality dental implant system is a guidebook which gives notes to the dentist on how to implant the product so that it fits perfectly, and to avoid errors. The manuals made for Denti Systems is the product of close cooperation between dentists and the producers of the 3D imaging system,a s the visual professionals needed to learn the topography of the human mouth, and dentists needed to wrap their minds around a basic understanding of visual apparatus. The next step was to make a manual that everyone understood perfectly, and it seems that this has also happened, with updates and the basic designs of the 3D elements also being detailed.

Denti Systems has thus improved upon its usual training and educational materials with the aid of this 3D visual technique, making the use of the Denti Systems easier for implantologists, which translates to higher success rates, which translates to happier patients.

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