Networking: When Employees Become Brand Advocates


It can be very difficult to reach out to your internal market efficiently and to stay ahead of the competition whilst working in HR. That is why it can be so valuable to turn your employees into brand advocates, raising the value of your social HR strategy.

Part 1: Your team is your greatest untapped resource for promoting your brand.

Just think about all of the people your HR team participate and socialise with a on a daily basis, whether it be online of offline!
Like a network of salespeople working full-time, your employees can easily influence and convince future prospective employees and even customers to give your company/product a try. They are promoting their very own satisfaction about your company, which can be the greatest selling tool on the planet!

Part 2: The many benefits of Power HR

Your employees are a resource that is not only very effective when they become transformed into brand advocates but also cost effective. You do not have to put any additional money into paying them to spread their passion.

All it requires is a little training and strategy about finding the best way to recommend your brand so that it can potentially reach thousands daily through word of mouth.

This short bootcamp uses playful learning to focus on the key steps to a happy and successful workforce full of brand advocates.

Nicole Dominique Le Maire founder of New To HR is excited to learn about your real-life HR experiences and welcomes you for a live group discussion. This evening is all about sharing knowledge, practices and strategies to support the creation of brand advocates in your team and organisation.

Name of the event: When Employees Become Brand Advocates

Date: Wed 22th March 2015 at 18:30

Venue: O2 Workshop, London

Address: 229 Tottenham Court Road London London W1T 7QG

Reserved tickets from: required

Price of ticket from: free

Type of event:networking



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