Our live night is back to life on Tuesday 10th of September to bring you some love, amazing vibes and to give you the tools to make a real difference for Nyala children.

 Our artists set for the night is incredible...

The Honey Ants; Lizzie Deane; The Valaitis Brothers; Jimmy Glanville; Roachie

 We are waiting for you at 7.30pm at jazz club Nolias11 in 56 Stamford Street, Waterloo,SE1 9LX London ( we encourage a donation at entrance and during the night, entry donation we encourage is £10, but any amount matters.

For info & reservations:

Voice for Nyala

Voice for Nyala is the voice for the voiceless causes, connecting music and art with urgent and direct causes, as we strongly believe that music and art are the most efficient tools to make a real change.

Voice for Nyala is a UK campaign in support of Italians for Darfur, Italian charity with a local team in Nyala, Darfur, that works for peace and development in Darfur.

The first project of Voice for Nyala is to pay the medical expenses to cure the most seriously sick children of Nyala, and to rebuild the Public Hospital of Nyala.

This is the possibility for YOU to make a real change, and to directly see where your support has gone, the difference that has made, with transparency and efficiency.

BACKGROUND: the doctors in the hospital of Nyala do not have the necessary means and structures to cure the children. There is the immediate need of an adequate structure and assistance, and since theEmergency Pediatric Centre has been closed down, there is no other place where patients in need of major treatment can be cured.

Nyala is the capital of Southern Darfur. Darfur is a region of Sudan, and it has been the place of conflict and genocide for ten years now.

Southern Darfur is now starting developing thanks to the peace agreements that start functioning, but there is an immense lack of fundamental needs as health care and education.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Six children of Nyala -Essra, Fathya, Mosab, Ibrahim, Mohammed, Amane- have been cured thanks to the two fundraising events we have organised since December 2012 at Nolias11.

The action has developed in coordination with the Italians for Darfur team in Nyala and in Khartoum, and with UNAMID (United Nations mission in Sudan), that has provided a humanitarian flight for the children, accompanied by their parents, from Nyala to Khartoum. In Khartoum, the children have received immediate treatment at the Royal Care International hospital.

We have been raising funds for the medical treatment of the children in need of immediate treatment through our monthly Live Music fundraising events hosted at London top jazz club Nolias11 ( Since our first live music event in December 2012, we had incredible artists giving their Voice.

We are now starting to fundraise for the rebuilding of the Public Hospital of Nyala.

The rebuilding of the hospital has already been started by UNAMID (UN mission in Darfur), that is putting 100,000 Euros for this project.

For the whole rebuilding of the hospital including buying the necessary machines to make the hospital fully functioning, there is the need to fundraise 200,000 Euros. The local team of Italians for Darfur in Nyala, together with UNAMID , has agreed with the Nyala local government that the annual expenses of the Public Hospital after the rebuilding and buying the machines, will be covered by the local government.

The plan we have in order to make this happen is to buy machine by machine in order to rehabilitate the hospital step by step.

The first machine we are aiming to buy is called Nemio MX Toshiba, fundamental and multi-functional Doppler Sonography machine, that satisfies needs in pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and cardiology.

This machine has a cost of 68,000 Euros + VAT.


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