CULTURE:The Italian Bookshop presents “Senza trauma” and “Senza eroi”


The Italian Bookshop in London is going to present “Senza traumi” written by Daniele Giglioli, and “Senza eroi” written by Stefano Jossa.

Daniele Giglioli teaches  at  the University of Bergamo and collaborates with the Corriere della Sera. She is the author of Senza trauma, Scrittura dell'estremo e Narrativa del nuovo millennio (2011) e Critica della vittima (nottetempo, 2014). This is her first novel.

Stefano Jossa teaches Italian Culture and Literature at Royal Holloway University of London. He is the author of 'Italia letteraria (il Mulino, 2006) , Un paese senza eroi, L'Italia da Jacopo Ortis a Montalbano (Laterza, 2013).

Name of the event: The Italian Bookshop presentation

Date: 11/02/2014; ore 19:00

Venue: The Italian Bookshop


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Type of eventCutural event



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