Robotics: from wearables to space use

Italian Society together with the support of EESoc, Robotics Society, AstroSoc and ICSEDS, is very pleased to introduce you an extraordinary opportunity to discover how the technology we are using in our everyday lives is used also in more critical applications, such as is space.

An interesting lecture regarding how critical robotics has become in our world given by Prof Maria Chiara Carrozza and Gen Roberto Vittori. The former has been the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, and is currently professor of biongineering at Istituto Sant'Anna, Pisa: her research interests are in rehabilitation engineering, wearable robotics, cybernetic hands, robotic devices for upper and lower limb functional replacement and augmentation, tactile sensors. The latter, is an Italian astronaut who went 3 times in the space, was part of 2 Soyuz missions and member of the Space Shuttle crew. During his missions on the ISS, he carried out several scientific experiments that have enhanced our understanding of the physiology of human body.

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Name of the event: Robotics: from wearables to space use

Date: 08/02/ 2016 at 6:30 pm

Venue: South Kensington Campus

Address: Sir Alexander Fleming Building LT G16, SW7 2AZ, London

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Price of ticket from: free

Type of event: Networking




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