THEATRE - Remembering Franca Rame

Franca Rame - a great artist, an actress, a profound literary author, a director - dedicated all her life to theatre and to social and political causes. Always on the front lines in civil battles, she was a symbol of women's emancipation. Dario Fo justly shared the Nobel Prize with her.

Franca Rame

Her works have been studied and staged all over the world. Her epic theatre, deeply rooted in the tradition of "Commedia dell'Arte", keeps setting the fashion in theatres and in Universities all over the world.

Theatre director, actress, jazz singer-songwriter Filomena Campus pays homage to this great woman artist with an evening of theatre, readings and screenings. On stage with Filomena, actresses Monica Nappo Kelly (who worked alongside Roberto Benigni in the film To Rome with Love by Woody Allen) and Paola Cavallin, renowned for her work in the Commedia dell’Arte.

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