Science: Regenerative medicine: successes, hopes and problems


The aim of this series of seminars is to present recent scientific acquisitions that might have an impact on our understanding of the physical world or on our well-being. The seminars will be held by distinguished Italian scientist that operate in the United Kingdom.

Regenerative medicine repairs organs and tissues damaged by genetic diseases or acquired during life. At variance from traditional drugs (or sometimes in association with them) uses stem cells (originated from the patient or from the donor), viruses modified   in the laboratory that transfer into cell of the patient one or more genes in order to play a beneficial effect compared to the damage caused by the disease, and finally new materials (most of the time in combination with stem cells) to create in laboratory (or in the patient body) whole organs.

This latter form of regenerative medicine is called Tissue Engineering. Examples of complete success as well as failures of regenerative medicine will be presented to explain the reasons of these different outcomes.

In every case the necessity of good pre-clinical and clinical trials, that are essential for the progress of this field, will be illustrated.

Giulio Cossu is Professor of Regenerative Medicine, University of Manchester. Giulio Cossu has a long lasting interest in the field of muscle cell and developmental biology. He discovered the myogenic potential of a bone-marrow derived, circulating progenitor cell. He identified a novel population of vessel associated stem cell, the mesoangioblasts that proved effective in the treatment of a mouse and dog models of muscular dystrophy. He is the PI of the first clinical trial with donor stem cells for muscular dystrophy. He is: Fellow of the Accademia dei Lincei, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Member of the Cell Advanced Therapy (CAT) committee of EMA, Member of the European Academy of Sciences, President, ABCD (Italian Society for Cell Biology and Differentiation), Secretary, FISV (Italian Federation of Life Sciences), EMBO Member   

Name of the event: Regenerative medicine: successes, hopes and problems

Date: 17/07/2015 at 6:30 pm

Venue: ICI London, London

Address: 39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX

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Type of event: networking


URL: ICI London

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