Culture:“La Sicilia vista dalla luna”


Eternal meeting point between East and West, Africa and Europe, Sicily is one of the most incredible places to visit on earth.

Its capital city, Palermo, is one of the most evocative cities in the world. A city whose history is multi-layered and stratified as is also the case with the common-place preconceptions of this fascinating capital. Everyone in the world has heard of Palermo and believes they know something about the city- often their perceptions are negative but this is not always the case. However, every preconception and prejudice, whether positive or negative, needs to be examined and tested to understand if there might be a second ‘false door’ behind reality - or in other words, the other side of the coin must always be examined and explored. The City of Palermo and indeed, the whole Island of Sicily can be compared to one of those antique cabinets containing numerous drawers each of a different size, many of which contain secret compartments or false bottoms, which can only be opened and accessed by those in the know.

From the revolt of Ducetius to the real history of the rich Sicilian delicacy ”Cassata”, a delightful evening of conversation on Sicily, in Sicily and far away from Sicily, awaits those wishing to attend. Given the great interest already shown in this event early booking is strongly recommended.

Roberto Alajmo was born in Palermo in 1959 and still lives there today. He has published numerous works, many of which have won prestigious literary prizes in Italy. Based on his novel E’ stato il figlio, awarded the Super Vittorini and the Super Commisso prizes, is the recent drama film of the same title directed by Daniele Ciprì and with Toni Servillo as a leading actor. This film has been selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. He has been recently appointed Director of the Teatro Stabile Biondo, the historic main drama theatre in the city. According to a programme which is aiming to return the theatre to its citizens, he has launched a very successful new season production, staging the best contemporary Sicilian performers and playwrights.
His latest novel Il primo amore non si scorda mai, anche volendo has been published by Mondadori in 2013.

Marco Gambino was born in Sicily and has been living in London for more than twenty years. He has worked on stage with various directors amongst whom: Antonio Raffaele Addamo, Paolo Puppa, Philippe de Groussuvre, Yvonne McDevitt and Manuela Ruggiero. Amongst his recent theatrical project inspired by Marco's interest in the civil theatre : Words of Honour, the result of a collaboration with award winning journalist Attilio Bolzoni, and Pio la Torre orgoglio di Sicilia, a theatre adaptation of the book by Vincenzo Consolo, celebrating the life of the famous Sicilian Politician killed by the mafia in 1982. His many film and television appearances include: Mai più come prima by Giacomo Campiotti; Journal of Contract Killer by Tony Maylam; The International by Tom Twicker; Il Capo dei Capi by Alexis Sweet; and Squadra Antimafia by Pier Belloni.


Name of the event: “La Sicilia vista dalla luna”

Date: :Thursday, September 11, 2014

Venue: ICI

Address: ICI

Reserved tickets from: booking essential

Price of ticket from: Free Event Booking Online

Type of event: networking



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