Networking:How to create loyalty in the digital age?


What is it that makes Google, Sony, ING, Intel, Apple, IBM, Burberry and many others so successful? Some of these companies dominate the business-to-consumer space, others the business-to-business space. What they have in common goes far beyond the fact that they are great companies or the fact that their great brands command a tremendous amount of loyalty. It's how they have tapped into and maximised the power of loyalty, knowing and investing in what makes them stand out and ensuring how to make sure they remain admired in today's digital age.

The big change that digital has facilitated is a never-ending snowstorm of information, reviews, opinions, feedback, gossip, anecdotes and (above all) experience - and you have no way of stopping this. This means that users can influence your reputation at any point, either as passionate advocates or powerful detractors. In this session, Saskia Frewer, will share with you insights and perspectives on what drives loyalty and how to retain and increase it across the wide range of different touchpoints, applications and social media. Come along to find out more about how to build your loyalty and reputation.


Name of the event: How to create loyalty in the digital age?

Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Venue: Home House

Address: 21 Portman Square , London, W1H 6LW

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Type of event: networking



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