Eat London Street Festival

You must try authentic street food around the world, where you get the chance to taste dishes made by up and coming Street Food Star Chefs in London, the festival will also be the hottest and most exciting street food battle between the EAT EAST and EAT WEST areas at the festival, not to mention having free access to markets next to the festival : DIY Art Market – Peckham (on Sat) and Independent Ceramics Market – Peckham (on Sun).

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Little sneak peek at what’s on Eat East area at the festival :
Amazing  and delicious Japanese Dragon Sushi rolls, Tasty and colourful Thai Style Taco, Oh so popular Taiwanese BaoO, Juicy and crispy Pad thai, Sweet and popping Hong Kong style Bubble Waffle, Rich and tasty Vietnamese Pho and summer rolls, Unmissable Taiwanese Pop Corn Chicken…
Let’s swing over to the Eat west area at the festival :
One of the popular and smoky Jerk fresh from Notting Hill Carnival, Paella mix Italian Tuscan sausages and spice Fusion Street Food Paella, Yummy Brownies as seen on Dragon’s Den (Yup!), really delicious Mexican sauce made Tamales, sizzling grilled and juicy Brazilian Steak, Traditionally brewed Ethiopian coffee …

EAT LONDON STREET FESTIVAL is a FREE event, but don’t forget to BOOK YOUR FREEDOM BAR PASS NOW! Where you get a FREE BEER when you arrive and also VIP DISCOUNTED prices at the BAR ALL DAY!!!


Name of the event:Eat London Street Festival

Date: 17-18/09/2016 

Venue: Copeland Park

Address: 133 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN 

Reserved tickets from: 

Price of ticket from: Ł4,23

Type of event: Networking



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