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Le Dame

Exhibition “Antonella Tanzini, from Sculpture to Jewel” from 2nd November 2013

Free Entrance

On Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 Le Dame, Made by Italians will present “Antonella Tanzini, from Sculpture to Jewel”.

Born in Florence, Antonella Tanzini has recently moved to a small village in the middle of the wonderful and peaceful nature of Maremma, in south Tuscany where she finds more inspiration and creativity.

Since childhood she has grown up around the visual arts, her grandfather was an alabaster sculptor.

While creating her sculptures she searches a way to express a possible convergence and harmony in different and opposing themes. Her preferred material is clay, smooth and warm.

The forms generally represent continuing metamorphosis in a subtle and playful transformation of movement with a predilection for rounded interpenetrating volumes like the waves do.

When she first approached other materials like metals and stones she discovered the possibility of creating wearable sculptures and she transposed in jewelry the same search and style that is the pleasure of playing with a continue process of developing shapes.

The environment, the landscape of Tuscany with the harmony and poetry of its typical rolling hills and the colors’ conflicts (sun and shadows) have always had a great influence on her work.

To make jewelry she starts from a small sculpture that will be transformed in a mold to be used as prototype necessary for the technique of casting, called "lost wax" that is of really ancient origins, known since 4,000 BC.

Another technique she prefers is the process of manipulating different sort of metals ( normally sterling silver, bronze, copper) with high heat to create craters, ridges, and valleys on the surface and sometimes adding precious or semiprecious stones.

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Name of the event: Antonella Tanzini from Sculpture to Jewel
Date: Saturday, 2nd of November, 2013, from 3pm to 7pm
Venue: Le Dame London
Address: 28 Powis Terrace, W11 1JH London, United Kingdom
Reserved tickets fromt: free
Price of ticket:
Type of event: Networking event, exhibition

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