Dinner club: umbrian specialities

The holiday season is finally here the solstice and Christmas too! There is nothing like spending it with friends, old and new, along with great food and rink. 
Come and taste a  free range and organic dinner, with ingredients and recipes straight from Umbria, prepared by Assia Rosica. 


She say:
„I shall bring turkey from Italy cooked with my family old fashion recipe which consist of turkey stuffed with the delicate italian ricotta infused with organic spinach. I shall be cooking with ingredient of distinctive aroma that would tantalize your senses such as a unique dark truffle from Norcia and fennel which is an essential ingredient on this table from Umbria .
Harvest winter berries to celebrate the arrival of solstice and italian mulled wine to celebrate the flavor of Christmas 
I look forward to sharing my table with you.”

Previous guests say: 
„A very friendly and welcoming evening with friends and meeting new ones. A very good evening with good food and lovely wine. I will always make the effort to make an evening with 'love from Umbria'. The friends we took for the first time loved it too.”

Time: 19th Novembre 2015 19.30pm

Venue: The Holy Redeemer Church Hall

Address: 4 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4PX


More information and registration

For registration please contact: registration@frdentist.co.uk


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