9% off during the 9 happy month!

The first thing that your child will see is you smiling; make it memorable!

Forest & Ray Dental Practice will help you to reach a healthy smile. Now we offer 9% off your treatment during the whole period of your pregnancy. It is an important moment in every woman’s life when she becomes pregnant and starts expecting a baby. A new period, when health issues become more relevant.  The health of our teeth is one of heightened importance during pregnancy, and is instrumental in the care of your child. It is advised to go to a dentist who will examine the conditions of your mouth, and with the right treatments we can avoid problems.


Good to know:

  • It is safe to go to the dentist during pregnancy (but avoid x-rays), the ideal time is between the 14th and the 20th weeks.

  • If you are experiencing morning sickness, it is best to rinse your mouth out with water or use a fluoride rinse afterwards.

  • Your body provides calcium to your baby from the bones and teeth, so you need to eat enough dairy products and take calcium supplements to make sure your teeth won’t be at risk.

  • Pregnant women who have periodontal disease (approximately 40%) may be more likely to give birth prematurely.

  • Hormonal changes during the 9 months of pregnancy can affect the gums, as it makes them more sensitive and inflamed in response to bacteria along the gum line.

  • If there are pink, red or purple painless bumps on the gums it is probably a Pregnancy Tumour. It will usually not cause problems, but you should see a dentist if you think you may have this issue.

  • Our dentists are here to help you and guide you through these new and sometimes difficult times.

We provide painless treatments of every kind, experienced doctors in a friendly surroundings at the centre of London and also wish you a beautiful and carefree pregnancy!

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The offer is valid until withdrawal.

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