NETWORKING: Entrata libera al Penthouse di Londra


Out for an evening in London's West End? Imagine rubbing shoulders with celebrities and being treated like one yourself?  

The 6th floor Nightclub in central London features state of the art sound systems and lighting. Resident DJs include Andy Smith, Dean Eg, Reason, Jonnie M, Tom Tee and Richard Cutmore. Playing all styles of club music six nights a week to an up for it, happening crowd. Set high above Leicester Square in Central London the 6th floor superclub has the best atmosphere of any nightclub in the West End and is often full to capacity every night of the week!


Nome dell’evento: Entrata libera al Penthouse di Londra

Data: martedí 10 giugno 2014 alle ore 22:00

Luogo: The Penthouse London

Indirizzo:1 Leicester Square London WC2H 7NA

Prenotazioni biglietti da: prenotazione obbligatoria

Prezzo del biglietto: gratuito

Tipo di evento: evento di networking


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