The History Of Dentistry pt. V - Progress Gained From Tooth To Tooth

drill-firstToothaches are one of those things that we can be sure even our forefathers dealt with. We shudder when we hear how some people solve their toothaches with a monkey wrench. Our elders also had some pretty good solutions as well. In these articles, you can see the evolution of dentistry into its present form.

The first handheld, automated drill was invented in America in 1871, and it was powered by foot. One year later, the electric version was born.

In 1895 Wilhelm Rontgen discovers x-rays, and in 1896, with the help of Dr. Walkhoff, the first person to be diagnosed with a cyst on their jawbone with the help of an x-ray is cured, thus proving the utility of x-rays in dentistry.

Thus the modern arsenal of the dentist was founded, and the era of the travelling medic and the layman barber pulling your teeth ended. Dentists were now easy to find and could be held liable for their actions.

In the XXth century, progress came in giant leaps to the fields of dentistry, and the new techniques and surgical procedures and protocols came back to back, flooding the sciences. The current diagnostic and healing capabilities of dentistry seems endless, and newer and newer techniques and tricks are added almost daily. This concludes our brief exposé of the history of dentistry, if you have any more questions, ask your dentist at your next, biannual check up!    

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