“The pain is killing me!”- How To Spot Dentine Troubles

spot dentin“For about a week now, I have had constant pain in a teeth with a cavity on it. Painkillers only work for a short time, and then he terrible pain begins anew. My tooth is extremely sensitive to both hot and cold. The glands near my ears are swollen, and yesterday I had a terrible headache. I have an appointment to see a dentist on Thursday, but I am going mad with pain. What can I do? Is this an infection? Thank you: Petra S.”

Dear Petra,

Based on your description of the symptoms, I would say you have an infection in your dentine. This is one of the most painful things you can experience. There are n home remedies that can help you, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible!

Suggested treatment: root canal treatment.

The dentine is probably full of bacteria, and the nerve will be inflamed. The grueling symptoms you are experiencing will only go away if the tooth is opened up, all of the internal structures including the infected dentine are scooped out, and the root canals are disinfected. The inflammation, swelling and pain should subside immediately. If the infection is persistent, a course of antibiotics may be needed (and based on the fact that your glands are swollen, this is a definite possibility).

Tell your dentist that you are in need of an emergency appointment,perhaps he will listen to reason. What really reduces pain is the opening of the tooth, if this is done, the pain will subsist. The painkillers will do nothing but give temporary relief, as the situation causing the pain is still unresolved, and seeing as the process is happening inside of the tooth, ointments and topical pain medication will not help.

The process will continue on in your dentine. Your tooth will die after a while if it has not already done so, and the infection will spread from the apex of your tooth root into your jawbone. The pain can reduce when this happens, or different kinds of pain can appear.

My suggestion is to get emergency treatment as soon as possible, mention the pain you are in, and they will probably be able to see you immediately.

I wish you all the best!

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