Networking - Find your match event for professionals from Linkedin.

This is our first "Find your match"event.

We have been doing social networking events for some time. We are now going to launch a brand called "find your match".

The idea is to put together in the same room 4 categories of people

1) Those looking for jobs

2) Those offering jobs

3) Those offering services (eg, doctors, consultants, lawyers, accountants and so on)

4) Those looking to hire services (eg, small and medium sized firms)

Whether you are looking for a job or an employee, or whether you are looking for a specific business, or want to promote yours, this is the perfect opportunity to find your match!


The steps are the following.

A) You need to book a ticket at:

Right now they only cost £8, but they will go up in price to, then £10, then £12, then £15, then £20

B) Once you have bought, you can post on who you are and what you are looking for.

2 things to bear in mind:

Tickets will go up in price very soon and clearly we are not promising you will get a job!

However, we do have examples of people who got jobs at our past events and we have now moved into a more structured type of evening.

There will be more firm joining and some of them may post on the Linkedin wall, so if you do not want to reserve your ticket now, may be keep an eye on it, but, as I said, tickets will go up in price.

So I suggest you to secure your ticket soon is possible.

You should have Linkedin profile to can take a part of it!!!

The number of guests attending the event is expected to be much higher than those who will post on the wall. As always with our events, this will also be the opportunity to mix and mingle in a social way.

Home House is our favourite Members Club. We feel extremely privileged to have access to this venue which has been a true home to a wealth of hosts and guests over the centuries since its creation for Elizabeth Countess of Home in the late eighteen century by Messrs. Wyatt and Adam.


Name of the event: "Find your match"event

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 7pm

Venue: Home House

Address: 20 Portman Square, W1H 6LW London, United Kingdom

Reserved tickets fromt: £10

Price of ticket: £20

Type of event: Networking event

Performer(s): -



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